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Buzzsaw and Laserbeak from my dragonformers universe. Buzzsaw was based on its G1 design while Laserbeak was based on its Transformers Prime design.

While they are with my dragonformers, they are not dragons. They are based on dinosaurs. Buzzsaw is based on an Archaeopteryx and Laserbeak is based on a Microraptor.


ATTENTION NEWBIES! I have these five hatchlings available to give away! If you’re interested in any one of them, reblog this post with your FR username and ID# and which dragon you’re interested in and I’ll send it right on over. :>

If you’re unsure how to figure out your ID# just go to your clan profile and it will tell you right next to your avatar.

First come first serve! And you don’t need to be following me.

NekoChan700 id:44704
Could I get the second one? The dark one with the orange? If no one has asked for it.

My first dragon on Flight Rising, Skyquake. If you have a FR feel free to friend me! My username is NekoChan700 on there!


Check your junk mail. That’s where mine went.

Yeeeeaaah I got nothin’….

Junk’s empty, and main is empty, been camping on it all day… just, nothing…welp

if all else fails after the MASS INFLUX cools down, I could probably contact them and say I haven’t received jack diddly yet when I was supposed to.

Have you tried clicking the button to resend the email? I ended up having to click it to get it.


First I would like to say sorry for not being on very much. I have had some things going on right now and I just haven’t felt the drive to rp.

I may not have said something about it on here, but my aunt was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. She had been doing really well, so well that she was surprising the doctors, but after her last treatment she hasn’t been doing too good…

Also, some of you may know that I have quite a few health problems, and one of the problems has been my leg. Two years ago I found out that the muscle in my leg was pulling the bones in my foot apart and the bones and my ankle had turned to mush. The doctor said I was crippled and I didn’t know it. And after three major surguries and two years later, I’m in even more pain and it’s making it hard to find a job. The doctor doesn’t know why I’m still in pain, and he says that there’s nothing he can do to help the pain. Though he said that he could do an Achilles Tendon lengthening surgery in hopes that it would help some. I would gain more flexibility in my ankle but loose streanth. And with me going off to a new college in a few months where only freshmen get elevators, I don’t think it would work out too well…

I’ll probably be lurking on here or rebloging my art and stuff until I get things sorted out.

On another note I got a Flight Rising account now. My username is NekoChan700 if you would like to friend me.
And if anyone has a Khimeros, I’m Neko-Chan700 on there.


My dragonformers design of Soundwave with animated bioluminescence!


My dragonformers design of Breakdown. Because you can’t just have Knockout by himelf.